Friday, November 29, 2013

Artist Interview: Ki Leather-crafts & goodies

Welcome to Ki! I am Kitty, the designer and creator of all the fun bags & accessories you can find from my workshop. The spirit of Ki comes from custom designed pieces. Only a small portion is ready-made-products. I treat every piece of my creation as a unique piece of art. To immerse your personal requirement and my style into the piece, I would listen to my client's story before drawing up a draft, I chose to hand stitched every piece no matter it is big or small, and I love to experiment leather with other material e.g. fabric, wool, metal, glass, and paint (and planning to try with ceramic)! All the above elements would boil down to a piece that speaks "naturally-fun and simply-charming"! Ki is my side-business. When I am not at my workspace hand-stitching leather, you can find me giving developmental therapy to children with Autism. I have been working as a therapist for the last 15 years. I enjoy my healing job and my art & craft moments :)

What can people expect to see from you on the day? It's an art & craft fair! So you may expect to see some ready-made leather pouches, leather clutches, leather brooches, leather bracelets, and leather bookmarks. I will also bring a catalogue of my other designs, so if you are looking for a personal piece of leather creation for own or for gift, the fair is a good time that we can have a wee chat on it.

Tell us about your workspace: I am a very organized person. I keep my tools and leather and other materials in a system. However, because I also work with oil painting, I do occupy a pretty large corner in the lounge and I do make hammering noise (when I am piercing leather) while my family is watching TV at night!

What do you love most about living in New Zealand? I love the creative and handmade atmosphere here in New Zealand! Landscaping your own garden, building your own house, making your own furniture, New Zealand is such a place that inspires people to "make your own"!

What are your favourite places online? I love Japanese culture, so I can be lost in all sort of Japanese art, fashion, travel, gourmet, and living websites for hours. I also love to visit online bookshop and craft material shop, and Etsy, my blog

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