Saturday, December 3, 2011

Artist Interview: Toodles Noodles

Back when Toodles Noodles was started up as a company between two sisters they were trying to come up with the best name for their new company.  They had come up with a long list of names but nothing quite felt right.  Then signing off from a phone call one day they did their regular “alright, Toodles Noodles” a sign off they’d used for years.  And that’s when Liora clicked and said “that’s it!  That’s our new company name.”.  They both knew instantly that it would be the perfect name for two sisters to start a stationery company.  The term Toodles Noodles comes from both of them having the middle name Nudel and getting teased and being called Noodle all through their childhood. The saying stuck and became part of a family well term.  So now it is our, my, great pleasure to bring some of that Toodles Noodles fun to you.
Here at Toodles Noodles - New Zealand Made and Owned we have a love of stationery and all things colorful and cheeky. We're proud to offer high quality cards, tags, and wrapping paper that are printed locally in New Zealand, and hope our products bring a sense of happiness to those who discover them.

What can people expect to see from you on the day? Wrapping paper, gift / thank you tags, mini note cards, desk calendars and bookmarks.

Do you have any future plans for your work, could you describe them? Our goal is to increase our presence here in NZ and expand globally first with Australia and then UK.

Where are your favourite places on-line? I'm a huge twitter fan.  I only got into twitter in June but since then have become a big addict. I have grown my business, made some great creative friends / connections, find out of the latest trends, news, everything.  Twitter is my connection to the design / fashion / news world.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't busy making your wares? I'm a sun baby.  I love sitting outside in the sun, walking in the sun.  If it's sunny out, you will not find me indoors that day. For example, filling this form out right now, I am sitting on my deck with my laptop because it is a rare day in Wellington where the sun is shining down and it's stunning.

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