Monday, December 5, 2011

Artist Interview: Native Creative

From my studio overlooking stunning native bush in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, I've built up my craft business, Native Creative, from an original range of collages on plywood to a collection of innovative product designs inspired by New Zealand birdlife.
I'm a big fan of plywood. I love the beauty of the grain, the multi-layered edges and the many ways in which it can be used.

What can people expect to see from you on the day? I make unique native bird creations out of plywood which is printed with my own patterns designed to reflect the personality of each bird. I incorporate the beautiful wood grain as part of the finished product. My range of products includes prints (inspired from my original collages), slot-togethers, mobiles, restickable wall decals, brooches and a jewellery tree.

Do you have any future plans for your work, could you describe them? I've recently released a new range of products and it's always an interesting process to see which items people are attracted to, more than others. Customer feedback is so important to my product development and I find the process of selling at markets and craft fairs, direct to the customer, a fabulous way of identifying demand and fine-tuning ideas.  So this is always an ongoing process.
I've had a whole swag of stores who have contacted me over the last few months who are interested in my work, so I'm very likely to start wholesaling to retailers soon as the demand is certainly there. I'm currently working on my first piece of furniture design which is very exciting!

Where are your favourite places on-line? I have to admit to spending a fair amount of time on Facebook - both for my business and for fun. Attending to my Shop on, checking out the weather forecast (for some reason I'm a bit obsessed with it) on, streaming the FANTASTIC radio station, and general time spent googling all manner of things that I'm researching or just looking up for interest.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren't busy making your wares? When I'm not "working" I love to jog around one of our local lakes, dive off the jetty in the summer time, mountain bike our wonderful local trails, go to yoga, hang out with my two young children, drink wine, read inspiring stories, go sailing and generally get in amongst it.

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